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The importance of a backwards approach to foresight

Looking to treat your ears to some futures themed podcasts? We’ve compiled a list of some of the most interesting foresight and futures themed podcasts out there.

Poster for R.U.R. ( Rossumovi Univerzální Roboti / Rossum’s Universal Robots)

There’s something magical about traveling to the future by way of a novel, video game, or movie. Imagining ourselves in the midst of a sophisticated city buzzing with flying cars or maybe surrounded by nothing but overgrown vegetation following the collapse of society. It goes without saying that our visions for the future are heavily influenced by our present-day contexts. Things like our cultural upbringing, our socioeconomic standing, and our social networks all play important roles in shaping our view of the future. Add to this our understanding of current technological and social developments and we’ve got all the required ingredients to create a future vision.


Avenear is a foresight-driven design studio and innovation consultancy that is focused on helping you build the future, today.

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